Mood Board | How To Incorporate Statement Rugs Into Your Luxury Home

There’s the statement wall, where one side of the room sports a patterned wallpaper or signature paint. There’s statement furniture, which lends character and serves as a conversation starter. And of course, there’s the statement work of art that speaks volumes without saying a word.

But the statement rug is unique in its function. Its tone and texture forms the foundation that underlies the whole area, and adorning it can be transformative. Here are six instances of statement rugs masterfully used to augment the story of various spaces.

A Subtle Insinuation

Despina Laou – Greece Sotheby’s International Realty 

Statements can be soft; a gentle whisper carrying great meaning. This is certainly true when selecting a statement rug, as evidenced by this beautiful beachfront villa in Mykonos. The rug intentionally complements the neutral color scheme of the minimalist interiors—but through intelligent moments of contrasting geometry, it infuses the vitality necessary to truly bring the room to life.

A Bold Proclamation

Janelle Friendman – Sotheby’s International Realty – Pacific Palisades Brokerage 

Artwork can be the “statement” piece that pulls focus in a room, but the rug can contextualize it so it doesn’t feel out of place. In the formal dining room of this verdant Los Angeles residence, the central painting would seem isolated if it didn’t have anything to dialogue with. However, the rug is so resonant that the reverberations of blue and gold throughout the rest of the space create a gorgeous harmony.

A Witty Observation

Becky Fatemi – United Kingdom Sotheby’s International Realty 

 Sometimes, a room’s disparate details only come fully into view when there’s a rug that cleverly calls them out. In this vivacious London apartment, it’s immediately clear that various components were made to match. The rug plays off the wall to help connect these pieces together, making this maximalist space both sophisticated and satisfying.

A Joyful Celebration

Olga Merino – Madrid Sotheby’s International Realty 

A neutral space decked in whites, browns, and beiges doesn’t have to dictate what motif you select for the floor. As demonstrated by this magnificent Madrid condo, the right statement rug can lift the subdued mood by serving as the singular source of jubilant, brilliant color. Reds and pinks are invigorating shades that animate the panoramic living room, making it as loud and festive as the city it’s situated in.

A Smart Articulation

Olga Merino – Madrid Sotheby’s International Realty 

Also located in Madrid, this elegant, maximalist property employs a statement rug in its sitting room to clever effect. It emphasizes each element on display; the olive couch, ochre cushions, terracotta cabinet, and azure throws are echoes that radiate from the exclamation point in the center of the room.

A Creative Narration

​​Roberta Golubock – Sotheby’s International Realty – East Side Manhattan Brokerage

In this resplendent penthouse on New York City’s Upper East Side, statement rugs are used to delineate and emphasize distinct areas within one room. Though they share similar sinuous motifs depicting celestial, cloud-dwelling dragons—an apt allusion to this year’s Chinese zodiac animal—their differing sizes and compositions serve unique purposes and set unique moods, depending on where in the space you are.

All interior decor tells a story. But nothing sets a theme—in ambience, aesthetic, palette, and presence—quite like a statement rug. By positioning one in the right place in the right space, the other features around it can be as boisterous or reserved as you wish, because it will always convey precisely what you want the room to say.

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