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An Associate Broker with 33 years of experience, Becky Templeman is a trusted advisor.

Real estate is a relationship business requiring training and people skills. Becky understands the changing upper-end markets as consumers redefine real estate. Creating memories, staying home, seeking escape strategies are all part of the new and redefined lexicon of luxury and are central tenets to the REALM-global fraternity. In the pandemic of 2020, Becky pivoted to the luxury market to be the eye of the center of the global storm. As a peak performer and a careful negotiator, she remains calm during a global storm.

As a vetted member of REALM-global—she is privileged to associate with the industry’s most successful agents. The Great Lifestyle Migration continues from coast to coast and abroad, and the REALM network connects, confidentially and cooperatively, finding the right agent for inbound and outgoing clients. This unique data platform pairs artificial intelligence with human passions. The database is accessed only by a REALM member. Thereby giving her clients an extra layer of assurance — an “edge” when they choose to be represented by Becky Templeman. Locally, the REALM membership translates to a higher level of service in negotiating transactions.

Educated in Colorado with a B.A. Degree in English, Becky’s portfolio reflects broker's licenses in three states. In Charlottesville, she has a micro-market at Wintergreen Resort. As a popular secondary home market, Wintergreen is 2.5 hrs. from the Washington, D.C. Beltway. A three-time homeowner at Wintergreen, and an owner of vacation properties in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Becky knows firsthand the desire to ‘fly away.’ While licensed in Wyoming, Becky developed a destination real estate brand while following her own True North passion.

Community service includes a passion for politics, pro-bono legal advocacy at the Rutherford Institute. She volunteers in Charlottesville (an IRC City) to assist SIV immigrants through the National Refugee Committee and #InternationalNeighbors – her charity of choice. In 2019, Becky and her husband began to shepherd a family of Honduran asylees on a five-year path to U.S. citizenship.

Fascinated with our stories, history, local color, and interesting houses, Becky treasures her hobby: writing fiction. In 2015 she published a debut ‘Bucket List’ novel, SEVEN DAYS IN CARRINGTON, 7-part period fiction, with Season Seven, The Last Verse, scheduled for publication in 2021. She dreams of sharing her narrative in a made-for-TV series.

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Becky Templeman

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417 Park Street
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902 United States

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