Virginia Waterfront Estates
Published Friday, March 8, 2013 Updated on Friday, March 8, 2013

Virginia Waterfront Estates

Do you dream about stepping outside of your home and cherishing breathtaking waterfront views? Consider Virginia. Virginia is a wonderful area for purchasing a waterfront estate. 

You don’t have to live on the coast to enjoy waterfront views from your home. Many may think of Eastern Virginia, which does waterfront properties near the Mobjack and Chesapeake Bays, however, there are many beautiful natural bodies of water throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Take the Charlottesville area, for instance. Charlottesville is situated in Abermarle County, in Central Virginia. The area has a variety of waterfront properties. Most notably, the area is home to the amazing Rivanna and Thornton Rivers, both part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The Rivanna River flows for over 42 miles and breaks into two tributaries. The area is also filled with other rivers, ponds, and lakes, including Lake Monticello. 

You can enjoy the luxury of living on a waterfront property year-round since Albemarle County has somewhat mild winters with little snowfall, warm spring and fall, and hot summers. The average high in July is 86 °F and the average low in January is 26 °F. This moderate climate makes Charlottesville and the surrounding towns a perfect area to purchase a waterfront home.

Many area waterfront properties feature elegant amenities such has horse stables, farms, orchards, and more. Come see what these beautiful waterfront properties have to offer!