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Published Thursday, January 9, 2014 Updated on Monday, June 23, 2014

The Best of Charlottesville's Farm-to-Table Dining

Charlottesville was recently named "America's Best Small Town for Food" by The Daily Meal, an honor that was echoed by Charlottesville's inclusion as a finalist in the "Best for Food" category of an annual poll by Best of the Road.

One of the great things about Charlottesville is the natural beauty, the picturesque charm of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the abundance of rustic land that provides plenty of space for outdoor enthusiasts, but also provides the perfect atmosphere for farm-to-table restaurants to flourish. While the popularity of farm-to-table restaurants has recently gained steam in the U.S., for Charlottesville it is not a new phenomenon. With an extensive selection of farms in the area, there is no shortage of fresh produce, and with a plethora of wineries on the Monticello Wine Trail, it is easy to pair local wines with tasty locally cultivated dishes.

Charlottesville features over 100 restaurants, with its Downtown Mall area being a popular destination for diners throughout Albemarle County. With over 60 restaurants, the Downtown Mall is a foodie paradise. If you live in Charlottesville or are visiting the area, here are three restaurants that you must taste to believe.

Brookville Restaurant on W Main Street is a treat for local Charlottesville residents and visitors alike. With only the best local ingredients and a warm, comfortable atmosphere, it represents the laid-back charm of the Charlottesville area.

For the rich decadence of French fare, try Petit Pois. Dine outside to fully take in the ambiance of Charlottesville's Downtown Mall. The brunch is a local favorite and dinner is equally as enjoyable. Their website even boasts a "Community" page dedicated to the farms, wineries and green vendors who contribute to their menu.

Maya offers Southern cuisine to Charlottesville diners. With local ingredients and a made-from-scratch approach, Maya is a favorite among restaurant goers who frequent Charlottesville's Downtown Mall. The menu is ever changing, with ingredients shifting with the season, so dining at Maya is a consistently new experience. Yet, their motto remains, "Southern Menu. Local Food," emphasizing the importance of the farm-to-table mentality felt throughout Charlottesville.

Farm-to-table is not simply a trend in Charlottesville, Virginia, it is a daily experience with a focus on the sumptuous flavors of the area, a vast country paradise of local tastes from sustainable farms, making it a dining destination that has staying power.

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