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Published Monday, December 29, 2014 Updated on Monday, December 29, 2014

Real Estate Resolutions for Charlottesville Homebuyers

The New Year is quickly approaching, and as December comes to a close it is common for people to make resolutions for the New Year. After all, with January comes a fresh start and it’s the perfect time to start something new. What better way to wipe the slate clean than the change of scenery that comes with a new home?

While much may remain out of your control when considering the changing real estate market, the sale of your current house and the purchase of a new home, there are a number of resolutions that you can make to start the home-buying process in 2015.

Get Your Finances in Order

If you are considering the purchase of Charlottesville, VA real estate in 2015, there are a number of things that you can do now to prepare, so the process runs smoothly later. Having a sound understanding of your current financial situation, especially what it looks like from a lender’s perspective, can be a smart move. Find out your credit score, and if there are problems with your credit, make an effort to begin correcting them. Connecting with a mortgage professional early is wise. Your Charlottesville, VA real estate agent can suggest a local mortgage professional. Staying local can help you develop a face-to-face relationship, and this in turn allows for a more personalized experience.

Begin Researching the Market Early

You may have an image in your mind of what you are looking for, but until you get out there, you won’t have a tangible idea of the Charlottesville, VA real estate available in your price range. Start now, do research, speak with a Charlottesville, VA Realtor, attend open houses and consider open houses in other nearby towns to widen your search to areas you may not have originally considered. A Charlottesville, Virginia real estate agent can help you pinpoint different neighborhoods that may perfectly suit your needs.

Connect with a Charlottesville, VA Realtor Now

It may seem early, especially since you don’t plan on purchasing a home until the New Year, but there is no time like the present to begin a relationship with a Charlottesville, VA Realtor. Having a Charlottesville, VA real estate agent on your side from the very beginning can be an incredible advantage. They know the area and the market, and if employed at an early stage, you will have the added benefit of developing a personal relationship that will help them better serve you. After all, they will be guiding you through the process, helping you to find a home that meets your needs, and if done right, surpasses them!

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