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Published Friday, March 8, 2013 Updated on Thursday, January 9, 2014

Historic Homes in Virginia

Virginia is a historian’s goldmine. The state is a wealth of historic landmarks that date all the way back to before Virginia achieved statehood. Currently there are around 120 National Historic Landmarks in Virginia, along with 13 historic sites that are either part of the National Historical Parks or the National Park Service system. From battlefields to churches to elegant mansions, Virginia offers the public a great tie into the past. 

In particular, the city of Charlottesville is home to a number of historic sites that are a must-see for residents and visitors alike. Charlottesville’s top places to visit include Michie Tavern, a truly one-of-a-kind experience as those that visit the Tavern are greeted by servers dressed in 18th-century garb, which enhances the Tavern’s old-time feel and overall ambiance. For architecture and US Presidents lovers, former President Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello resides in Charlottesville. Monticello is a popular attraction, particularly for its status as a World Heritage Site and neoclassical design. Similarly, there is President James Monroe’s Ash Lawn-Highland home, which boasts 200-year old boxwood gardens and a statue of the former President. Charlottesville also does a wonderful job in commemorating the places, people, and events that no longer have a remaining physical presence by placing historic markers in historically important locations. Markers such as these include ones for the Battle of Trevillians, the Birthplace of Meriweather Lewis and Clark, the Edgehill Plantation, and the Jack Jouett’s Ride Historic Marker. If all else fails, another great way for visitors and residents to get a taste of Charlottesville’s and early America’s history is to attend the free walking tour of historic downtown, which gives a wonderful overview of the past and key locations to visit.
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