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Published Friday, May 16, 2014 Updated on Monday, June 23, 2014

Find your Perfect Stride with a Charlottesville, VA Horse Farm

Charlottesville, Virginia real estate attracts people from all over the country, of a range of ages and a variety of lifestyles. People come to Virginia to work and others come to retire amid the natural slow-paced beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Some come for the luxury of Charlottesville city living, while many come to engage in any number of outdoor recreational pursuits. Fishing, golfing, hiking, hunting – Charlottesville has it all. One of the most popular draws for those moving to Charlottesville is often equestrian pursuits.  After all, Central Virginia is one of the top regions for horses in the country.  Virginia is home to a large amount of breeders and trainers, and much of Charlottesville, VA real estate comes readily equipped for keeping horses.   


The area is home to a vast number of stables, horse farms, and also luxury estates that come with full facilities for maintaining ones own horses. With gorgeous meandering trails throughout Charlottesville and surrounding Central Virginia areas, horseback riding is a popular pastime for experienced riders and novices alike. For those looking to get into the equestrian arts, there is no shortage of trainers available in the area. 


If you are considering Charlottesville, Virginia real estate and are passionate about horses, there are a variety of horse properties and estates to choose from. The experienced Realtors at Frank Hardy, Inc. are well-versed in luxury horse farms, and many are avid horse aficionados themselves. 

Finding the perfect horse property in the Central Virginia will depend on a number of factors. Do you want your own facilities and stables? If you plan to keep horses on the property, how much acreage do you desire? Are you looking for a turn-key Charlottesville, VA property, where you could move in with your horses immediately? If so, you will need a property with secure fencing, weather protection and a minimum amount of acreage (two acres minimum per horse). But you may also want a little bit more luxury, on-site riding trails, a riding ring, updated barn or stables. The Charlottesville, VA Realtors at Frank Hardy, Inc. know the area and can find you the perfect property based on your preferences and priorities. 


If you are interested in purchasing a horse property, Charlottesville, Virginia real estate should definitely be high on your list of places to consider. With no shortage of luxurious horse farms and equine properties in Charlottesville and the surrounding areas, you will fall in love with the dazzling expansive landscape – and your horses will too. 

Frank Hardy, Inc. is the top Charlottesville Virginia real estate firm. For more information on Charlottesville VA real estate listings, please contact us today.

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