Magna Award Grand Prize Goes to Albemarle County Schools
Published Tuesday, July 28, 2015 Updated on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Magna Award Grand Prize Goes to Albemarle County Schools

Have you ever walked into a library and thought to yourself, this is OK. At Monticello High School, which

is part of the Albemarle school system, most students and parents can’t stop talking about their library.

That is because teachers and librarians took a standard, traditional library and transformed it into a

space for innovation, fun, utility, and learning. The library now features a genius bar where students

troubleshoot computer problems, a maker space, a music studio, and 3-D printers. This area is referred

to as the Learning Commons. And students love it. For example, at the genius bar, students troubleshoot

each other’s computer problems and find solutions through investigation and learning, instead of having

someone do it for them. It took six years for the team of librarians and teachers to create this learning


The time and expense was worth well the effort, because students and administrators are seeing a

difference. Superintendent Pam Moran notes that students use the Learning Commons to exchange

ideas and find resources. Additionally, due to this new space, Albemarle County Schools won the Magna

Award Grand Prize, which recognizes top learning programs in the country. The National School Boards

Association administers this prestigious award. Besides quality in education, the award has tier-levels,

and Albemarle won the grand prize in the 5,000 to 20,000 student category.

For those parents and families looking to purchase real estate in VA, Albemarle County is a great area to

settle down. As you can see, the school system is innovative and focused on educating its students. But

there are also other reasons to live in and around Charlottesville. There is hiking, biking, dining, and

family events. The University of Virginia constantly hosts events for the entire family, including musical

performances and sporting events. From April to September, the Fridays After Five festival returns; a

Charlottesville staple, it features local bands that play from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. every Friday while the

weather is warm. Overall, Charlottesville is proud to be a family-friendly city, and it welcomes families

from all over the world.

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