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Published Wednesday, November 5, 2014 Updated on Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Buying Historic Charlottesville, Virginia Real Estate

Charlottesville is known for its history, which impacts not only the culture of the region, but also the real estate. If you are in the market for Charlottesville, Virginia real estate, considering a home with historical significance is a wonderful option. Historic homes are found in abundance throughout Charlottesville and Albemarle County. And while some have become popular attractions over the years, many are residential homes and luxury estates available to homebuyers.

Charlottesville boasts a variety of amazing homes and properties, a significant portion of which have historic value. If you are contemplating a historic Charlottesville home, there are a number of options, which each offer unique touches, setting them apart from more contemporary homes.  

Historic homes built before the turn of the century were constructed with very different techniques than are used today. In a recent article on C-Ville Weekly, Frank Hardy Realtor Murdoch Matheson “said that prior to 1900 there was also no sheet rock and the lath and plaster process used for walls and ceilings made for a much more substantial structure… each home was unique and big subdivisions and mass production were non-existent.”  He furthers that “all of these properties are gems.”

One such property listed by Frank Hardy, Inc. is 300 Cloverhill Farm in Keswick, Virginia. This historic fram is situated on 477 acres and includes a restored guest cottage, as well as a restored historic bank barn. The federal two story brick home sits at the base of the Southwest mountains and offers gorgeous views and some of the most beautiful land the area has to offer.

When asked about the appeal of historic homes, especially when compared to their modern, more streamlined counterparts, Matheson explains that, “older homes have more soul,” and boast a “texture and an aesthetic” that sets them apart. Historic homes in Charlottesville are often purchased by buyers interested in their history, who hope to restore them. They are fascinated by the unique components of these historic properties which set them apart from more modern properties.

Many of the historic homes in Charlottesville and surrounding areas are even listed on The National Register of Historic Places. Homebuyers who renovate and preserve these historic properties can also take advantage of significant tax credits if they adhere to the Virginia Department of Historic Resources guidelines. The Realtors at Frank Hardy, Inc. are exceptionally knowledgeable about historic Charlottesville, VA real estate.

If you are thinking about buying property in Charlottesville and are interested in owning a home with history, Frank Hardy, Inc. can help. Charlottesville, Virginia has a lot to offer homebuyers, from luxury to leisure. With historic significance, you can enjoy the lavish comfort of a Charlottesville estate, while also becoming a part of the area’s long history.

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