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Published Wednesday, July 2, 2014 Updated on Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Charlottesville, Virginia: A Small City Offering Big Excitement

There is no shortage of reasons to consider Charlottesville, VA real estate. From the gorgeous natural paradise to the thriving culture and restaurant scene, Charlottesville has charm to spare. But, if you need another reason why Charlottesville, VA real estate is the way to go, the charismatic city was recently named Virginia’s “Most Exciting Place” by the Movoto Real Estate Blog.

Charlottesville also recently made their list of “Friendliest” cities, and we believe there is no better combination than a city that is both friendly and exciting. While we can think of a number of reasons why Charlottesville, VA offers excitement for all ages and interests, we were curious to learn more about how Movoto made their decision.

While we are partial to Charlottesville, it did beat out a number of exciting cities for the title, including Virginia Beach. Movoto used a number of factors as basis for their assessment, starting by listing the most populated places in Virginia state. From there, they narrowed the list of 46 using data from the 2010 U.S. Census.

To rank excitement, they considered a number of factors. Nightlife (including bars, clubs, comedy venues, etc.) was an important factor, and “live music venues” received separate consideration. Charlottesville clearly did well in both categories, with the Downtown Mall alone housing an assortment of bars, entertainment venues and live music options.

Outdoor recreation conducive to an active lifestyle, including parks and outdoor sport options, were important areas considered by Movoto, and Charlottesville clearly has the competition beat on this one. With the Blue Ridge Mountains, gorgeous hiking trails, horseback riding, fishing, golf, kayaking, camping, and every outdoor activity under the sun, Charlottesville is the perfect place to enjoy an active lifestyle in the great outdoors. 

Arts and entertainment were other important factors, and this category included movie theatres, art galleries, theatres and festivals. It appears as if they are describing Charlottesville perfectly. With our historic theater The Paramount offering a variety of entertainment, our local galleries boasting emerging artists, and festivals including the Heritage Theatre Festival, Tom Tom Founders Festival, and the annual Festival of the Book, among others, Charlottesville, VA offers countless and varied opportunities for entertainment.

Charlottesville is also a foodie paradise, so it’s a good thing that Movoto took restaurants into consideration. The Downtown Mall alone offers a variety of restaurants to please every taste. Many of these delicious offerings are farm-to-table and many are praised for their service and cuisine. The Charlottesville 29 attempts to narrow the selection to the 29 best, but even that is a challenge.

Other Virginia cities to make the list are Alexandria, Arlington, Sterling, Richmond, Fairfax, Fredericksburg, Harrisonburg, Norfolk and Winchester.


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