Curating an Aspirational Space: 2 Ways to Jazz Up Your Home for Staging

2408 Old Lynchburg Road, Charlottesville, VA
2408 Old Lynchburg Road, Charlottesville, VA

Whether you’re selling or buying, the staging of a property can make or break the deal. Expert designers Meg Michaels and Marybeth Snell of Albemarle Staging and Design recently partnered with Ann Hay Hardy of Frank Hardy Sotheby’s International Realty and they gave us a peek into two of their most recent projects and shared a bit of advice.

The Advice:
1. Aim for “party ready” staging. Filled with fresh flowers and candles ready to be lit, Meg and Marybeth use the term “party ready” to indicate the vibe they’re trying to achieve. The goal is to make the home look lived in but put together, as if you are preparing for company that evening.
2. Create aspirational spaces. Keeping in mind what a future buyer might find appealing is key. The proper staging gives buyers an impression of how they might enjoy the particular space, sometimes in ways they would not have thought of themselves.

The Projects:

North Garden Estate.

This elegant property called for a very neutral design, in order to highlight the home’s beautiful architectural features. Meg and Marybeth used white furniture to encourage a continuous flow between the large rooms, creating a feeling of airiness in the space. The size of the home makes it tailor made for grand entertaining and family living, something that was vital for them to highlight in their staging choices. Small things, like staging the dog spa with a pet bed and toys, adding a massage table to the over the top sauna and workout rooms, and adding liquor and beautiful glassware to the family room bar, help give an idea of how to reap the benefits of these spaces (cue their tip to create aspirational spaces!).

White Gables Condominium.

Whether the home they are working on is big or small, staging still matters.  Case in point; their recent project at White Gables Condominiums, a charming complex most often occupied by empty-nesters. Meg and Marybeth felt potential buyers of this project might appreciate a more traditional design aesthetic, so they lightened the palette with neutral soft goods and furniture, painted all the main rooms a glowy white, edited and rehung the client’s beautiful art, and created cheerful conversation areas where smaller groups might gather for cocktails and dinner. The result? A comfortable, beautiful space, and the listing under contract in just two days!

If you’re putting your home on the market, consider reaching out to Meg and Marybeth to amplify your selling potential. Don’t forget to tell them The Scout Guide Sent you.

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