Inside the Firm – Yates McCallum

After spending 10 years in San Francisco working at a Fortune 500 consulting firm, Yates and his family decided to move back to his hometown of Charlottesville. Yates is a Saint Anne’s Belfield School “sandbox kid” and graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder. A consummate professional, Yates is mindful of the effort required to build trust and represent his client’s best interests. He is an extremely dedicated individual, a strong communicator and facilitator who knows how to operate in both the residential and estate markets. A Charlottesville native, he is deeply knowledgeable on the regional influences and local characteristics that can affect the value and feasibility of a specific property.

In his previous role as a corporate innovation consultant, Yates led the development of strategic partnerships, key pursuits and investment in new ventures including resilient infrastructure solutions and smart city technology. Prior to that, Yates was a GIS and mapping specialist focused on urban planning and environmental remediation projects. This mapping and analytical skill-set has proven invaluable when it comes to the evaluation and marketing of properties.

Yates combines his diverse experience with a relaxed yet methodical approach to real estate. As your Realtor, he will bring a unique perspective to the evaluation and positioning of your property. His polished presentation, analysis and negotiation tactics are brought to the table in every transaction. Yates also works with a group of carefully selected tradesmen, interior stylists and landscape professionals that will ensure a positive and stress-free experience when preparing and guiding a property through the market.

In addition to real estate, Yates participates as a mentor at the University of Virginia Innovation Lab, enjoys roasting coffee and slowly growing his record collection. Having personally navigated through the process of moving to Charlottesville, Yates is also a great resource to clients that are planning to make a similar transition.

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