Inside the Firm – Katherine Leddington

From the moment Katherine’s parents settled in the picturesque town of Charlottesville, Virginia, Katherine knew she was home. Katherine graduated from Tandem Friends School in Charlottesville and attended Oberlin College where she graduated with a Bachelors degree in Law and Society.

After years of living in various places, such as Brooklyn and the Brazilian Amazon, Katherine began to yearn for the comforts and easy living of Charlottesville. In 2016, Katherine and her husband moved back to Charlottesville to raise their children.

The concept of home and community has always been a central theme in Katherine’s life and the work she pursues, which is what brought Katherine to pursuing real estate. Drawing on her childhood experience growing up on horse farms, her intimate role in families’ lives while working as a birth doula and her eye for architectural nuance developed through her photography, Katherine has a unique ability to work with families and individuals in finding their specific idea of “home”. Katherine is a dedicated and highly motivated agent who has the special skill of listening to her clients and is able to translate her client’s vision into a reality.

During her time off, Katherine can be found at her local yoga studio, hiking with her family in the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains, or strolling through her eclectic downtown neighborhood of Belmont. Katherine has a passion for Charlottesville and all that it offers and brings that enthusiasm to all aspects of her work.

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