The Best Fitness Studios in Charlottesville

It’s February 2020 and here we are wondering where all those New Year’s Resolutions went. It’s always a good time to get out there and go. Find your zen at a yoga class, start kickboxing or hit the good ole’ treadmill! Now’s the time to push yourself because no one is going to do it for you. Here’s a few places to get started. 

M3 Core Training

M3 is Charlottesville’s unique home for rowing, Megaformer + HIIT classes that offer a high intensity, low impact workout. Their dual studios also offer athletically focused Functional HIIT and strength based classes.  Those looking towards building strength, flexibility, and endurance this spot is made for you. And if this isn’t enough the studio has spa like amenities and a comfortable lounge area just a few steps away!

Zoom Cville

Zoom Charlottesville is a is boutique fitness studio offering both strength and cardio classes under one roof. Their beat driven indoor cycling classes offer the most innovative, immersive indoor cycling experience in Charlottesville. If you’re looking to build strength and endurance this is the place for you!

Formula Complete Fitness

Formula Complete Fitness offers classes focused on strength, stamina, and function. From bootcamp-style classes to mindful running +  yoga classes, they have a little bit of everything. They are most famous for their 1 hour EQUILIBRIUM class, a workout that alternates between intervals on their high performance Woodway Treadmills and strength training on their super-sleek Fitbenches. If that’s not for you, they recently began offering a FLOW class combining 20 minutes of mindful running and 25 minutes of yoga.

Charlottesville has a fitness studio for everyone, see you out there!

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